Brand New to League?

No Problem! I was once too! I remember seeing the signs and wanting to join but not having friends who played and not knowing who to contact. Part of our team's mission is to 'grow the game' and that means making league play easy to join for new players just like you! 

Send an email to and tell us a little bit about your level of play. Even if you are just learning how to hold a cue, or you are an avid player who simply hasn't played league yet; reach out to us and we will help you out! We are well connected in the pool scene and are here to guide you! 

What does my $50 Registration Get me?

The annual sanctioning fee for BCA Pool League is $20 USD. The exchange rate and wire transfer costs vary, but we pay for your membership as soon as you start playing.  

This gives you membership from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 with BCA Pool League. This includes:

The remainder of the registration is what we use to operate the league. It is a small league at the moment, but as it grows we hope to be able to reduce the registration. 

Why we think it's worth it... 

Mostly, we are so grateful to have you on board and will do our best to spoil you all and build pool in the province however we can. :-) 

IF you play a second night in the same session, it is only an additional $10. 

IF you play a second session in the same calendar year, it is only $25. 

Want to play but don't have a team?

Send us a quick email with your previous league or tournament experience and we will match you up on a team of players with good sportsmanship and organizational skills. Please let us know a little bit about what type of team experience you are looking for and how often you would like to play! Here to help at:

NEW FEATURE: See the Button at the bottom of this page to sign up as an individual looking for a TEAM :-)

Ready to Organize a Team

There are presently two options, a Fargo capped division or an Unlimited division.  Both are:

Unlimited Division:

Gather up whomever you want!  No limits on who can play, nor on who can play together! Think outside the box of what has been done. This is an opportunity to build a super team, a family team, a team of mentors and mentees or an action-packed group of up-and-comers wanting to test their skills. This is UNLIMITED! 

Capped Division: 

For this division, you will need to check the FargoRate of each of your players and see what it adds up to. You can visit to do so. If you or your team mate do not have enough games to be rated, no problem! We will use other measures to assign them a preliminary standing and adjust as needed. This offers the super sweet opportunity for higher ranked players to form a team with their friends, family or partners who are lower rated AND/OR an awesome chance for a progressing team to win a trip to the BCAPL World Championship and get a taste of what international competition is like! 

What if we don't have enough players one night?

It is your responsibility to reach out to the opposing captain and notify them WELL in advance of the match.  Teams are required to accommodate your "Make-Up" match request within a reasonable amount of time so long as sufficient notice was given

If their team is already on their way to the match, that is NOT sufficient time. They MAY chose to be kind and allow a make up, but it is NOT required.  

IF you are unable to complete a match, the other team will "Win By Forfeit". They will get the points however the Wins/Losses will not affect any players Fargo Rating.  FEES ARE STILL DUE from both teams in order to play in the Members Only Cash Tourneys and the Session Finals.  So the way I personally see it, if I have to pay anyway, I usually want to play that match and get my games in! 

How do I get my FargoRate Premium App working?

This service (12.99USD/ year value) is INCLUDED in your sanctioning fee with BCA. The STEPS to get this involves paying your registration to IMPACT Billiards on time.  The cost of sanctioning is $20USD per calendar year and this money is sent to BCA once (or twice) per session. BCA then processes the payment and sanctions the players. FargoRate is then provided with the  player information and you should be able to use the Premium App.

If you have the FREE Version, you will need to LOG OUT entirely and Log Back IN to activate the Premium subscription. If this Doesn't Work.... please email them at

The subscription is good for the current calendar year, so yes, it is better to join IMPACT at the beginning of the year as you get the use of the subscription for longer. 

What Are "Members Only Cash Tourneys"?

We know from our time with Billiards a few truths:

SO, in each session, we have "Members Only Cash Tourneys" for all current IMPACT BILLIARDS  Members. These are low buy in, usually 10-15 a player - but HIGH payout. We work hard to secure sponsors to supplement the payouts - as a service and added advantage to our players! 

Your NIGHTLY fees are NOT used in these Tournaments, those go toward the session finale. 

It means, that even in a short 12 week session, you will have at least two big tournaments to practice your skills, bond with your team, gain competitive experience and may be win some dollars :-) 

**Teams must be up to date on matches and payments to compete**