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How to Find a Player...

Now that we've all mostly gotten the hang of this Fargo thing, and see that team events and divisions have TEAM FARGO CAPS - many of you are seeking that final player to fill out your team! This is a quick and easy way to search BY FARGO so that you can find a player in a particular Fargo range! 

It is important to note that for LEAGUE PLAY only established players get their "Fargo Locked In" at the beginning of a session.  Those with Preliminary ratings go up and down fluidly. It is rarely a great idea to stack your team right up to the cap - but this method of searching should be Very Helpful for many of you! Reach out w/ Questions!


July 13/14th IMPACT Mid-Summer Cash Tournament

Register by July 10th. Open to ALL 2024 Members.


Register July 2nd - August 20th. Starts August 26, 2024!


Held in November. Start thinking about WHO you'd go play in Las Vegas with and in which division! We will host Women's, Bronze, Silver & Gold Divisions in this tourney. Min of 4 teams entered/division, no maximum.  No Originals team members required. Specific Details to come!

GOAL: Send as many teams to BCA World Championships as possible!! Last year 10 teams went. Let's CRUSH that!

Read the 2024 Player Guide !

We are constantly improving thanks to the great feedback provided. Part of that improvement is better communication and consistency. Please read the player guide and know what's up for 2023.

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