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We are constantly improving thanks to the great feedback provided. Part of that improvement is better communication and consistency. Please read the player guide and know what's up for 2023.

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We have short 12-16 week sessions with significant prize funds as well as free entries to Worlds and trip sponsorship. Compete at our Monthly Cash Tournaments and Session Finals!

We Want to Send Teams To WORLDS!

Are you an individual looking for a team? Or do you have a bunch of friends who've all played Impact and would like to make a travel team? We want to make that happen! 

We are seeking individuals who are available and want to experience the BEST Vegas World Championships first hand. Enjoy watching your favorite Pros between your matches and check out the incredible exhibitors! 

We will help form these travel teams so that can enter this WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 'Qualifier' of sorts. Winners will recieve trip packages to help them get there and represent!

Overview Of the Impact Divisions

Looking at this does NOT replace reading the Player Guide. PLEASE be sure to familiarize yourself with the Player Guide to better understand how the league works.

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16 Week Schedule for YEG Division.

One Cash Tourney in October, One Cash Tourney in November.

Session Finals the First Week After the New Year due to location scheduling. 

CLICK on the calendar below... view league deadlines and upcoming league nights, tournaments and other billiard events!