Learn, Play, Socialize!  

Register Now for SATURDAY February 24th, 2024 START! 

Billiards is an AMAZING Sport for kids of ALL ages.  Our children have played since they could see above the table!  Whether for FUN or a little Friendly Competition, it is truly a beautiful and dynamic game! 

It builds:

Billiards is a fabulous family activity as well! Impact Billiards has many family teams including junior players! Once the young players have the foundational skills and confidence, they have a great time playing with their friends and family! Please reach out with any questions to info@impactbilliards.com 

SATURDAYS AT NOON: TopShots Billiards & Ping Pong

Group A: Learn to play!

These players will recieve instruction on stance, aiming, game rules and strategy. They will practice drills, watch demos and play friendly games against other members in the grouping. 

Group B: Learn to Compete

This group is designed for Juniors who want to hone theirs skills and have chance to play matches against others. Players will play two sets against two different opponents and then a scotch match with a Master player as their partner, for mentorship. It is best to have a basic knowledge of the rules and willingness to experience a competitive atmosphere where loses are to be expected. 

Fees include Instruction, Table Time and an IMPACT Juniors T-Shirt.

The Cost is $80 for 4 Weeks 

Location will be at Top Shots Billiards & Ping Pong


PAY via E-Transfer to SECURE your spot.  juniors@impactbilliards.com

Junior YEG Pool League

Juniors Can Play!

BCA & CCS Pool Leagues always have a Junior Component. They have SINGLES for 8 ball and 9 ball. 

IMPACT BILLIARDS is committed to fundraising to help out any of our Junior Members who want to play in thess competitions. 

Juniors at Worlds 2023 !

This is conveniently held right around Teachers Convention for most major school divisions! Perfect time for a family trip to experience a LARGE scale competitive event. Again, with the PROS right alongside them.  

There will be future Juniors Sessions to give kiddos the confidence to give this a try. Its an amazing experience, even as an adult :-)